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Child Mental Health: Getting a Good Start course for Nurses

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Time / Duration
60 minutes
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This session will outline the factors in the first 5 years of life that contribute to the development of emotional wellbeing and mental health throughout the lifespan and give an overview of the assessment and management of behavioural problems.

Learning objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Describe what constitutes good mental health in the under-fives
  • Describe the role of parenting in the development of good mental health
  • Outline the theory of attachment
  • Describe a systematic approach to the assessment of behavioural problems
  • Outline some principles underpinning behavioural management
  • Decide when to refer on and which referral pathway to use

Good mental health continues to develop from the moment of birth. Babies and young children are dependent on the adults around them to provide a loving and nurturing environment. Those who do not grow up in this environment are at an increased risk of developing mental health problems across their lifespan.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should complete:

  • Development and Behaviour/Introduction to Development Part 1: Description and Influences (402-0022)
Instructors / Speakers
Avril Washington,
Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Mental Health and Complex Care

Dr Avril Washington has a career-long interest in the psychosocial and mental health aspects of paediatrics. As a trainee, she spent 10 months working in a Department of Child and Family Psychiatry and, in 1997, obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Communication with Children from the Tavistock Clinic, London.

On becoming a consultant, in 1998 Dr Washington developed a Behavioural Paediatric Service and paediatric input to the Psychiatric Mother and Baby Unit. The former is now the Complex Care Service providing a co-ordinated, biopsychosocial approach for children with complex paediatric problems.

In 2002, she was appointed to the RCPCH’s ‘Child in Mind’ project team to develop training materials in child mental health for paediatricians. She was part of the inter-collegiate working group that established ‘Children’s Mental Health’ as a new sub-specialty of paediatrics in 2007 and is now a sub-specialty training advisor on the Mental Health CSAC.

Dr Washington is the Immediate Past Convenor of the British Paediatric Mental Health Group, a professional advisor to the Association for Infant Mental Health (UK), and represents Paediatric Mental Health in a number of capacities on national projects and committees.

Child Mental Health: Getting a Good Start course for Nurses
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Child and family health, Child health/paediatrics/immunisation, Children and young peoples health, Maternal-child
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Education Provider
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60 minutes
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