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Modern Slavery in Healthcare Bundle 1-6

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Australian College of Nursing (ACN)

Module 1 focuses on developing an awareness of modern slavery in our personal choices as consumers. In modules 2, 3 and 4, we will be looking at modern slavery in the healthcare setting and how we can be advocates and influencers for change. Module 5 and 6?is aimed primarily at nurses in policy-making roles, leadership and education. However, it is also of interest to nurse who wants to use the information to influence policy in their place of work.

Learning Outcomes Module 1
•    Discuss?the issue of modern slavery in consumer supply chains.
•    Understand the power of the consumer's voice in creating change.
•    Take action towards being a conscious consumer.

Learning outcomes Module 2
•    Discuss modern slavery in Australia in more depth.
•    Identify the signs and symptoms of modern slavery and exploitation.
•    Be equipped with tools and resources to identify modern slavery risks in your healthcare setting.

Learning outcomes Module 3
•    Identify potential survivors of modern slavery using the tools provided.
•    Identify at risk groups in clinical and community environments.
•    Be an advocate in the workplace to raise awareness of modern slavery.

Learning outcomes Module 4
•    Outline the risk of modern slavery in Australian health supply chains?
•    Understand their role to be an influencer in their place of work??
•    Use practical tools to increase the power of their influence

Learning outcomes Module 5:
•    Understand the role of the nurse in influencing policy.
•    Formulate policies and procedures to manage modern slavery risk?in their workplace.
•    Formulate ethical sourcing policies for medical supply chains.

Learning outcomes Module 6:
•    Understand how the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) is supported by a good governance framework.
•    Discuss modern slavery in relation to the National Standards Clinical Governance Framework.
•    Use tools to engage with operations, supply chain and other personnel.

Presented by: Sarah Morse, Unchained Solutions.

Content Type: Elearning module

Modern Slavery in Healthcare Bundle 1-6
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