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Possums & Co

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Possums & Co 

The Parent Wellbeing & Baby Development Collective


Possums & Co is a not for profit organisation, offering health professionals the opportunity to upskill in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC), also known as the Possums programs. NDC accreditation offers health professionals innovative clinical tools and a wealth of resources for assisting parents with breastfeeding, sleep, unsettled infant behaviour and mental health challenges.


By registering to become an NDC accredited practitioner you will join 250 health professionals globally who are currently in our NDC pathway. NDC pathway participants have access to the following:

  • Masterclass videos
  • Weekly live network hours
  • Observation classes
  • Final exams to accreditation
  • Closed NDC Facebook page
  • Online resources and material
  • Monthly clinical demonstrations
  • Peer support
Why us

Why Us?

NDC is a genuine paradigm shift - we flip much of the popular advice parents receive upside down. Our programs, developed out of 15 years of research, integrate the very latest lactation science, including ultrasound studies on the biomechanics of infant suck, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gut science, sleep science, attachment psychology and a set of powerful psychological strategies known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

We offer health professionals:

Once health professionals become NDC accredited practitioners, their location is made available on our website for parents to find. Many practitioners are available for online consultations.


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PO Box 5139,
West End QLD 4101, Australia
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