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My name is Lorna Muthamia, I am a passionate and experienced speech pathologist, and the founder of Learning Re-Imagined.

I enjoy working with children, and I equally enjoy empowering parents and therapists (+ allied health assistants), who also wish to make the work we’re doing, their meaningful contribution to the world.

I have never been one to conform to the status quo, or sit by the side lines. I am most fulfilled when I am involved in some type of innovation that improves the quality of life of those I serve.

I started Learning Re-Imagined with the aim of continuing with my problem-solving crusade, which began when I founded the largest speech therapy service provision clinic in Kenya, an underserved region for speech therapy services. Interestingly, the problems being experienced by many higher income countries related to access are still due to a shortage of speech pathologists, not dissimilar to all underserved regions.

My mission has been to create solutions that empower parents, result in optimised outcomes for children experiencing communication, literacy and learning difficulties, and overall greater impact.
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145 Hudsons Rd,,
Spotswood VIC 3015, Australia
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