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To us, the future of healthcare is clear
It’s about prevention, not just treatment
As medicine advances, it’s becoming clear that proactive healthcare (preventing issues before they have a chance to develop) should play a key part in how we care for our patients.

By treating existing health conditions early, and even identifying a person’s risk of developing a new condition, we can change the trajectory of our patients’ health and their lives.
Euc preventative care model
Chronic conditions need our attention
Complex, chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are some of the biggest health concerns in the world.

We believe our model of comprehensive care is uniquely equipped to treat conditions like these.

So we’re expanding our offering to treat more complex, chronic conditions, because we know this is where we can make the most difference.
juniper model care
To make an impact, we have to go global
We believe everyone deserves access to better healthcare, whether you’re in a city, regional town or the other side of the world.

We currently provide care in Australia, the UK, Germany and Japan, but that’s just the beginning.

We’re taking Eucalyptus global in an effort to deliver quality care and unlock better health outcomes for billions of patients.
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We’re setting a new high standard for quality care
As a digital healthcare provider, we believe practitioners should be empowered by technology, not in conflict with it. Every day our team embraces the unique capabilities technology gives us to provide consistent, quality care.

Since 2019, we’ve facilitated over a million consultations across our digital healthcare clinics – Juniper, Pilot, Kin and Software. We’re proud of our stellar record of patient safety which has been built on a solid foundation of clinical governance protocols.

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Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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