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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Central & South East

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Central & South East.

Central & South East

Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Central and South East, TAS

Rugged mountains that are resplendent with native flora, jewels of lakes and brimming rivers that crisscross the region, dramatic rock formations and the pristine blue sea lapping against them, and remote communities with their patchwork farmlands, cattle and cellars, Central and South East Tasmania is a window to another kind of a world.

The South East is spread wide covering approximately 23,820 square kilometres encompassing nearly one-third of the state. It surrounds the capital city of Hobart and includes the Tasman Peninsula, Bruny Island and the Huon Valley, as well as many remote and rural parts of the region. The area supports a small population of 38,000 residents. However, it continues to grow with a constant influx of people arriving to settle here.

Large tracts of land are conserved and protected, and only 28% of the region is utilized for agricultural and pastoral activities. Cherry, wool, sheep and lamb are the prime produce. Aquaculture, with recreational and wild fishing, receives high participation. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing is the largest sector employing 3,100 people. Healthcare and Social Assistance is the second largest, generating over 1,900 jobs.

Tourism is a growing sector, with a large number of tourists visiting the region for the authentic nature and wildlife experiences. The southern wine trail is a booming enterprise and vineyards have sprouted along countryside areas in the Coal River Wine Region and D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Central and South East, TAS

Hobart supports the wider locale as a hub for a variety of services like entertainment, retail and healthcare. The University of Tasmania has a campus in Hobart which is the closest campus serving the area. There are several TAFE campuses offering vocational education and training.

Tasmania Primary Health Network (PHN) supports the professionals in the region. The Royal Hobart Hospital is the largest hospital here. However, there are a range of smaller and more closely located facilities too. The South Eastern Community Care provides services such as flexible in-home care, community support and centre-based care. The South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation assists the elderly and disabled, providing culturally sensitive services. Additionally, there are a number of regional hospitals and healthcare centres dotting the area.

The region is well-connected by a network of roads. Numerous regional airports offer additional connectivity and access through air routes. Housing is attractively affordable, with median housing price of $350,000 and median weekly rent of $300. And a relaxed pace of life, idyllic existence and fine country living are a few great perks!   

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