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Purpose and Mission

Endoscopy nurses (sometimes called gastroenterology nurses) work in the endoscopy unit of a hospital or clinic or similar facility. Endoscopes are miniature cameras used to view inside the body, usually starting in the genitourinary system or the digestive system.

The responsibilities of an endoscopy nurse typically relate to sedation and post-procedure care of patients. Endoscopy nurses have duties and roles to play at various facilities as some doctors let nurses take more responsibilities, while others prefer to do most of the procedure themselves.

Reports To

Endoscopy nurses typically work at hospitals or clinics. They will report to a nursing supervisor or other mid-level manager in most cases. In some single practice gastro offices, the nursing staff may be directly supervised by the staff physicians.

Supervisory Responsibilities

In many cases, endoscopy nurses have extensive supervisory responsibilities, especially pre- and post-surgery. Most endoscopy nurses already have a couple of years of clinical nursing experience, and some advance into management roles or undertake more training to work as advanced practice nurses.


All cardiac nurses are registered nurses (requires a bachelor’s degree). RNs must hold a current Nursing Registration with the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Agency) to be employed as a nurse.

In most cases, a couple of years of experience in nursing and additional training is required to qualify as an endoscopy nurse.

Responsibilities of an Endoscopy Nurse

Although responsibilities vary based on location and practice, the typical professional responsibilities of an endoscopy nurse include:

  • Assessment of patients and assisting them in preparing for various procedures and treatments
  • Confirming and preparing medications before administering them to patients
  • Ongoing monitoring of patients during treatment being undertaken by a physician, tech, or other medical personnel
  • Working with the rest of the healthcare team with ongoing post-procedure assessments, that is looking for warning signs or symptoms that might suggest a problem has developed with the endoscopy and that the patient needs additional attention or emergency care
  • Endoscopy nurses are also responsible for developing plans for discharging patients. The goal of a discharge plan is to make sure that patients are comfortable enough to move about and fully educated on any additional medication or care information they may need when they leave the hospital.

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