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Facility Manager
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Toowoomba QLD 4350
About Facility healthcare manager jobs in Australia

Find healthcare facility manager jobs, careers and vacancies within the healthcare management and administration field in Australia.

Purpose and Mission

Healthcare facilities managers have a broad range of responsibilities relating to maintaining the facility as well as operations and code compliance. In most cases, a facilities manager is also involved in the planning, design, construction, finance management and administration of the healthcare facility.

Most employers prefer facilities managers who have an earned a healthcare management professional certification from a university or a relevant professional organization such as the Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia.

Reports To

A healthcare facilities manager will typically report to the facility director or the CEO. In some cases, the facilities manager may report directly to the management board of the organization.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Facilities managers have wide range of supervisory responsibilities. While most operational responsibilities are delegated at larger hospitals and clinics, a modern facilities manager has numerous responsibilities relating to budgets, staffing, code compliance, emergency planning and planning for expansion or other growth.


The specific qualifications of a healthcare facilities manager are variable, but a bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of management experience is generally preferred. Some larger employers require a professional certification and/or a master’s degree or equivalent.

Responsibilities of a Healthcare Facilities Manager

A healthcare facilities manager is the party responsible for the design and equipment needs of the organization. Specific responsibilities include HVAC, refrigeration, electricity, plumbing and elevators, along with medical equipment, parking areas and grounds keeping.

A facility manager is often an integral part of the design or renovation of the building, and may be expected to evaluate contractor bids, and consult with architects, engineers and other contractors. Further duties can include managing hazardous materials, managing compliance with all codes and standards, coordinating with departmental managers, developing programs to manage healthcare and equipment, setting up maintenance schedules, and planning for emergency training and facility drills.

Some familiarity with the various standards for state, federal and private facilities, as well as standards applicable to the healthcare facilities industry for a variety of organizations is also required. The facilities manager is also responsible for developing and maintaining an operating budget. She is also typically responsible for negotiating service agreements that fit within budgetary constraints. In many cases, a facilities manager is involved with the development of access planning and human resources policies as well.

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