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About Interventional Radiology jobs in Australia

Find Interventional Radiology jobs in Australia. Permanent, part-time, casual and locum jobs available.

Radiologists are physicians who special in interpreting a wide range of diagnostic imaging tests and procedures or treatments that involve the use of X-rays, ultrasound, and other internal scanning methods. As a consulting physician, radiologists work closely with your GP and other medical experts to diagnose your medical problem or symptom based on images of your body.

Doctors taking up radiology as a career can stick with a general radiology practice or specialise in mammography, musculoskeletal imaging, cardiac imaging, paediatric imaging, or interventional radiology.

Vascular and interventional radiology is a sub-speciality of radiology that uses minimally-invasive imaging methods to diagnose and treat diseases in almost every organ. The primary goal of a vascular and interventional radiologist is to diagnose/treat patients with the least invasive techniques available so as to minimise risk and maximise health outcomes. Minimally invasive methods typically have less risk, less pain and less recovery time relative to open surgical procedures.

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