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About Laser / Skin Therapist jobs in Australia

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Purpose and Mission

A laser / skin therapist (or cosmetic laser technician) is a trained esthetician who typically under the supervision of a medical doctor in a clinic or spa. These professionals have completed a one- or two-year training programme on how to use a cosmetic laser for a broad range of skin care applications.

The primary duties of a laser / skin therapist include evaluating the skin care issues of clients, conferring with a doctor or a supervisor to develop an ideal treatment plan, and then applying the laser treatment.

Hair removal is one popular use for cosmetic lasers, but tattoo removal, and minimizing wrinkles, varicose veins and rosacea are also commonly requested services.

Reports To

Laser / skin therapists are part of the healthcare team at most spas and clinics. They often report to an office manager or senior therapist. Some laser / skin therapists may be directly supervised by nurses or doctors.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Most laser / skin therapists do not have major supervisory responsibilities as they are more directly involved in patient care. In some cases, more experienced therapists work with training and evaluation of junior colleagues, and some may be involved in the management of the clinic or practice.


You must complete a one-or two year training program to work as a laser /skin therapist. You can earn a diploma or an associate degree depending on the programme. Note that a good number of nurses and other allied health professionals choose to advance their careers with training in laser therapies.

Responsibilities of a Laser / Skin Therapist

The primary responsibility of a laser / skin therapist is use laser devices to remove hair, tattoos, varicose veins and a wide variety of skin irregularities.

Keep in mind that body-hair removal is the most popular use of laser treatments performed by cosmetic laser therapists. Other common treatments requested by clients today include skin and facial muscle tightening, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, age spot removal, varicose vein removal, tattoo removal and therapies to provide relief for Rosacea.

Before any treatment, a laser therapist will consult with clients regarding their needs, then evaluate their skin condition and consult with a nurse or doctor to develop a treatment plan.

Continuing professional education is also important for laser / skin therapists, as they have to keep up with the latest techniques and technologies in a rapidly growing field.

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