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About Massage Therapist jobs in Australia

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Massage Therapist

Purpose and Mission 

Massage therapists are trained healthcare professionals who use massage and other techniques on clients for health, fitness, and therapeutic purposes. These professionals learn how to deliver a range of different massage and physical manipulation modalities to deliver maximum benefits for clients with specific requests.

Reports To

Many massage therapists are self-employed and work out of their home or travel to clients, so this group does not have a direct supervisor. Those who work as employees at hospitals, clinics, and spas report to a variety of middle management, ranging from doctors to clinic administrators to spa owners.

Supervisory Responsibilities

While some senior or more experienced massage therapists might have responsibilities relating to mentoring or training colleagues who are new to the profession, most massage therapists have few supervisory responsibilities.


 You can qualify to become a massage therapist in Australia by earning one of two qualifying certifications: a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy or a Diploma in Remedial Massage. Note that regulations regarding qualifications for massage therapists are promulgated on the state and local level.

Responsibilities of a Massage Therapist

A massage therapist delivers a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques to clients, and also typically provides a range of spa and body treatments to promote relaxation, health, fitness. Massage therapists also perform massages and physical manipulations for remedial purposes (aka physical therapy).

Typical responsibilities of a massage therapist include:

  • Massaging soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments to improve circulation and/or healing
  • Using a broad range of massage techniques to improve sports performance and/or minimize the potential for injury
  • Providing a variety of treatments to promote body relaxation, improve circulation and relieve all sorts of muscular tension
  • Carefully assessing and treating specific soft tissue conditions or dysfunctions as well as providing rehabilitation advice
  • Using other manipulation techniques, such as acupressure or Shiatsu, and/or applying complementary equipment, including infra-red lamps, hot and cold compresses, ice, essential oils, and even herbal or mineral therapies, all designed to help with specific issues or promote whole body health
  • Thoughtfully assessing the physical (and emotional) condition of the client, and taking a case history, as well as advising on various stretching exercises or relaxation techniques.

Common career specialties for massage therapists include:

  • Chinese (Tui-Na) Masseur
  • Remedial Masseur
  • Shiatsu Specialist
  • Sports Medicine Masseur
  • Reiki Energy Therapist

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