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Purpose and Mission

Midwives are healthcare specialists who work with expectant mothers during pregnancy, labour,

childbirth, and the first few weeks of the newborn. Their primary responsibility is to provide care

and advice to expectant moms throughout the pregnancy and in the early days of infancy.


Reports To

Many midwives are self-employed, so they do not have a direct supervisor. Some midwives are

employed by hospitals and clinics, and they may report to and be evaluated by a medical doctor

or facility administrator.


Supervisory Responsibilities

Most midwives in Australia do not have direct supervisory responsibilities. Experienced

midwives are frequently asked to train or mentor new midwives, and some midwives (especially

those with masters degrees) eventually move into more supervisory rather than direct care

roles. Midwives do, of course, act in a supervisory role (for both the expectant mother and her partner)

during the actual delivery.



There are two ways to become a midwife in Australia. The first way is to earn a Bachelor of

Midwifery. A Bachelor of Midwifery is a three year undergraduate degree for those who do not

have any nursing experience. The course curriculum focuses on continuity of care (that is,

providing care throughout the pregnancy and first weeks after birth), as well as clinical

experience. Students working toward a Bachelor of Midwifery must spend at least 50% of the

total program hours working hands-on with experienced midwives.

The other method to become a midwife is to earn a Bachelor of Nursing degree, followed by a

Graduate Diploma or Master of Midwifery. Midwifery graduate programs take around 12-18

months, while a nursing degree typically requires three years.


Responsibilities of a Midwife

Midwives have a variety of responsibilities in working with expectant mothers. Specific duties

include: advising on nutrition, childcare, and other related questions after the birth, preparing for

and assisting in delivery, working to manage the pregnancy and childbirth, carefully keeping

track of the condition of the mother during the pregnancy as well as offering advice and physical

therapy (including massages and stretching exercises) relating to pregnancy, providing advice

to mothers and partners, and, last but not least, offering a range of support services to mothers

during both the pre-natal and postnatal periods.

Typical workplaces for midwives include private residences, clinics, and hospitals. A growing

number of midwives today are employed in non-medical facilities such as community centres or

private firms. Of note, over 99% of midwives in Australia are women.

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