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About Theatre Technician jobs in Australia

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Purpose and Mission

An operating theatre technician is trained to supports the surgical team in a broad range of functions before, during and after surgical procedures.

Some of the main responsibilities of operating theatre technicians (sometimes called surgical techs) include preparing the operating roomtransporting the patient, ensuring that allrequired supplies and surgical tools are sterile and ready, monitoring all items used during surgery to make sure nothing gets misplacedtransporting the patient to recoveryand cleaning and sterilizing the operating theatre following the procedure.

Reports To

Given that operating theatre technicians are typically employees of hospitals, larger clinics and surgery centers, they typically report to a department head or service chief. They are also under the direct supervision of the surgeons and/or a senior surgical nurse during procedures.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Senior operating theatre technicians and technologists often have some supervisory responsibilities, especially in terms of training and oversight of colleagues or trainees. Most OTTs, however, are more focused on patient care, and have relatively few direct supervisory responsibilities.


Operating theatre technicians must have a Certificate I, II, II or IV in Operating Theatre Technical Support to work in this profession in Australia. Most employers prefer candidates who have at least a diploma level of training in the field, and candidates who have completed two- to four-year college programs strongly preferred at major hospitals.

Many employers also prefer candidates who have passed the exams to qualify for membership in the Australian Institute for Medical Scientists.

Responsibilities of an Operating Theatre Technician

The operating theatre technician is responsible for the instruments, supplies, and equipment used during surgical procedures. She has a basic understanding of the specific procedure and anticipates the needs of the surgeon. Specific professional responsibilities include:

  • Checking supplies and equipment required for procedure
  • Preparing scrubs, gowns, and gloves
  • Setting up sterile table with instruments, supplies, equipment, and medications for procedure
  • Performing item counts before the operation and before incision is closed
  • Gowning and gloving surgeon and assistants.
  • Passing instruments to surgeon during procedure
  • Preparing sterile dressings
  • Cleaning and preparing used instruments for terminal sterilization
  • Checking patient charts, identifying patient, verifying surgery to be performed with consent forms, and transporting patient to assigned operating room
  • Transferring patient to operating room table
  • Assessing the comfort and safety of patient and offering verbal and tactile reassurance
  • Assisting anesthesia team as required
  • Positioning patient, using appropriate equipment as required
  • Preparing and transporting specimens as required
  • Transporting patient to recovery room
  • Assisting with sterilizing operating room and preparing for next patient
  • Performing urinary catheterization as required.

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