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What is Cosmetic dentistry? How it helps and its types

What is Cosmetic dentistry? How it helps and its types

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized stream of dentistry that focuses on uplifting the appearance of your smile. A “smile makeover” is an alternative term used for cosmetic dentistry. If you are experiencing issues related to the teeth, gums leading to an unattractive smile, cosmetic dentistry can help you fix these issues. It primarily focuses on dental aesthetics concerning color, position, shape, alignment, size, etc. Your cosmetic dentist can recommend the best suited cosmetic treatment depending on your dental problem.

Let us take a look at some cosmetic dentistry treatments available today:

Teeth whitening

Yellow or discolored teeth can lower your confidence and make your feel self conscious. But do not worry as it can be easily treated with a simple visit or two with the help of teeth whitening procedures. This is the primary and most availed treatment, which can make your teeth look white and attractive. Both in-office and at-home treatments are available for teeth whitening. However, in-office treatment (at the dental clinic) is regarded as more effective when compared to DIY at-home teeth whitening methods.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are customized, wafer-thin, tooth-colored objects made of resin or porcelain, which are used to cover the front portion of the teeth to improve the tooth's appearance. Another name for dental veneers is Hollywood teeth. If you are looking for a less expensive option, composite resin is a more affordable option than porcelain teeth. Before placing the dental veneers, the dentist first scrapes off a half millimeter from the tooth surface to check if the tooth can withstand losing that much enamel. Otherwise porcelain veneers are the only option left.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which replace your missing teeth. The dentist uses a surgical procedure to insert these implants into your jaw bone where the titanium then fuses with the bone, thus setting up the base for placing the dentures and other types of restorations. Having a dental implant provides great stability to the replacement tooth and can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental bonding

During this treatment, a tooth-colored, durable plastic-like material is attached to the tooth with the help of UV rays or laser light to repair a decayed, chiped, fractured or discolored tooth. After permanently fixing the material on the surface of your tooth, the dentist will shape and trim it to perfectly match your teeth. Dental bonds work well as a protective layer on your tooth surface.

There are various other cosmetic dentistry treatments available today, like dental crowns, dental Inlays, Onlays, dental braces, dentures, etc. A cosmetic dentist Newcastle would suggest you the best solution for improving the look of your smile.


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